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Nov 24

"Should the Rich Be Condemned ?"

"The prospects are dim for a society that makes mascots out of the unproductive and condemns the productive" —Walter E. Williams

Williams writes a great article detailing the illogical thinking of today’s entitlement society. So many people believe they are entitled to the “fruits of labor” gained by someone else’s hard work. 

Some of these people today may not be lazy or unproductive, but still feel they are entitled to the profits or wealth of other people or organizations. Take me for example, I work as a construction foreman and put in between 50-70 hours a week. I like to think I work hard, but I do not feel I am entitled to the profits my owner is taking home or re-investing in our company, so we can grow and stay employed. I all ask for is fair market compensation for the efforts my labor produces.

What I am trying to say is, not everyone can own a business, play a professional sport, or trade stock successfully for example. These people are compensated at a higher rate because their skills are more valuable and found in less people in the workforce. The more valuable your skills are and the more scarce those skills are in the workforce, the higher the compensation for those skills. There is roughly 7.2 million construction workers in the United States, compared to roughly 1.2 million small business owners. Not everyone is qualified to work at the top of the ladder and compensation should be distributed in a reflected manner of the market place. 


Walter E. Williams article, “Should the Rich be Condemned” 

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